2nd Divorce

How absolutely horrid--I now have to refer to 1st and 2nd ex--I never would have anticipated this--we got couseling! prior to the marriage--life seemed so wonderful, and now I feel like I'm walking around with with my tail between my legs--I've signed up for a class, am exercising at the pool, and have gone back to full time, but still cannot feel all that good about the future--It's funny, I don't miss the games and pain, but I miss the physical "presence"--I'm still crying almost every night, andI'm the one who filed!!!I've researched on line and found sites with very good suggestion for coping, the only problem is like now-the evening stretching ahead with no one here.
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I have to admit I kind of get the 'second marriage' thing and I did it myself, but now that this one hasn't worked out I literally cannot imagine a scenario I would even consider remarrying. Just... can't get there mentally. Why would I? I've got my kids... I'm done. That doesn't mean I don't want and won't seek out companionship, but swear to monogamy? Never.

I'm going through my 2nd divorce too. My 1st wasnth as tough as this one. A divorce is like a death. You have to grieve. I've been to a couple of support group meetings and still going. I too still cry. The evenings are the worse. I miss the presence too. It will take time, I'm trying to reach out to people who are inthe same situation. We know how you feel. Keep going strong it will get better.

I'm going thru a divorce and can't even think of wanting to be married for quite sometime... After 24 years, we simply got tired of fighting each other to get what we want, and now just want to be loved (in the way we need it, which the other can't deliver)<br />
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We were opposites when younger, and have become even more opposite, I'll miss the money more than her, so it's not a huge stretch for me.

I read an article a few years ago that alluded to the fact society is moving toward the 3 marriage lifetime. The first for sex, the second for starting a family (interchangeable), and the third for companionship. I know that's the way my life has gone, and I believe this will be the norm if it isn't already.

My first husband left me after ninety days of marriage and now my second husband has decided to leave after 18 months. I am so humiliated and ashamed. I never cheated and I don't have any hidden addictions or skeletons in my closet. I am a professional thirty one year old without children and I must admit that I have never felt so much pain in my entire life. The pain of rejection and loneliness can't be described in words. I don't know when I will heal.

hugs to everyone who is going through...this heartbreaking journey...I was told only time will heal this pain easier said than done; I keep saying to myself....better days ahead...his loss!

The first couple of divorces were the most difficult for me. Especially the first as my first EX was the father of my daughter. Somewhere along the line you realize it's not the end, it's a new beginning and well worth the effort. Let's hope your next husband is MR RIGHT. Take solice in the fact that there are no so many women out there now with multiple divorces. We're not alone and there is no stigma attached to divorce now because it's so prevalent.

Me hugging everyone here..I am now going through this..can you beleive it..the 3rd time..why is there anyone right for me?Am i that bad to have this fate?But what to do..we have to go on..

Best of luck to everyone. Loved the comments. I couldn't add anything more. :)

I am feeling desolate and depressed. Second time around. After a lot of ache and pain because of his family my husband finally told his family today that we are seperating... i feel like i want to vomit al lthe time and am so scared of the lonliness , Iwant so much to tell him not to go , I don't want to be divorced the second time but I know that I must not!! Oh God ,,,why is this happening again

Same here. My first marriage lasted 13 years, then this<br />
one is coming to an end after 22.<br />
My Mom was married quite a few times, and swore I would never go down that road.<br />
What a scarey feeling !!