Emotional Ups And Downs

Begain divorce end of January. Married for over 28 years. He became a no load in my life. After early retirement he put all his ambition and drive into netural. Asked him many times for more input into our relationship, he refused, told me he would rather get a divorce. Had this sense of entitlement, as if he did not have to put forth any effort at all. Let himself, the house and finances go and looked at me to fix everything, all the time. It was best for me that I leave this lovelesss marriage, and am glad I did. Am excited about my future, am happy to gain control of my money (what little I have left!) Am very lucky I have a very supportive family and friends. (quite a few told me about time). But I feel adrift, almost like am in some kind of fog. It is a exhausting process, and sometimes I question everything I do, even though it is what I want and need to do. How long before one starts to feel normal again?
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2 Responses May 29, 2011

You have experienced the closes thing to physical death. Don't rush it. Don't dwell on the "what ifs" Know that we have no control over anothers choice. Allow yourself to grieve. Let all the well-intentioned people feel good about themselves by telling you to do this or that to him.(truth is none of them have got it right in their life) Just remember to tell yourself you are pretty good person. Then go help someone in need. Healing will come.

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