15 Year Labor!

I was 21, he was 28. We were young and in love. We both were rough around the edges but complimented each other. Through the years, I grew to see that the support was one-sided, me supporting him and not a mutual arrangement. He never wanted children so naturally he never supported my pregnancies. He never supported my career, my interests, talents, efforts. We became two ships sailing in the night and he loved it that way. I can not emphasize enough how emotionally abusive it is to live in a house with a man that shows you no love, no affection, no tenderness, care or concern at all. A man that often times doesn't speak for days, might not come home. I was once a confident woman, secure within herself. I enjoy taking care of myself, looking good and feeling good. I haven't felt more insecure in all my life. My once confidence has been reduced to insecurity, low self esteem, lack of motivation, and depression. The once "catch" has been tossed out to see, discarded and unwanted. How f'd up is that?!?! I've cried for weeks, months, days, hours! I've went from not eating to binging! I am an emotional wreck. Divorce feels like a 15 year labor with a dead baby in the end! I just needed to vent. I am tired of laying down crying, drinking, crying, drinking. I typed "help me divorce" on google and found this chat forum. God bless you for listening. Strength in numbers!
Luciena Luciena
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Divorce is a legal process to break a legal contract. That's what marriage really is. Please go talk to a few lawyers, they usually give you an hour free to see if you want to hire them. Your husband has some legal responsibilities, but each state is different. Good luck to you.