Meeting With My Lawyer Tomorrow

Well after a couple of glitches I meet with my lawyer tomorrow to file my petition for divorce. My husband and I haven't spoken a word to each other in three weeks since I told him I wanted a divorce. When his 2 children (10 and 11) come over to visit on weekends they also do not speak to me or my daughter. I guess he has instructed them not to speak to us.
I would like to sit down and talk wih him about the divorce and arrangements that I am making but he has always been irrational and petty and always sees everything as a competition. So I've decided to proceed quietly and with caution. I hate to be sneaky but he is the type of person who looks out only for himself and his best interest. Sometimes I think about all the hopes and dreams that we planned together for the future. I was totally committed to this marriage and treated his daughters as though they were my own. I feel as though I wasted my love and time for five years on a man who could have cared less. I can't believe I married such a selfish and evil person. I don't know if I'll ever find it in my heart to love again.
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Hey you know its hard to do relationships! It takes so much work. Obviously your h is a taker. You must be the giver? Well do know that we are drawn to people for some reason and to know self is valuable! Try doing some therapy for a while and work on you. Your relationship with god is upmost important. Start doing things for you instead of others and you will feel better about everything! I have sone these things myself and have really pulled myself thru some hard things lately. Do i have hard work a head of me? Oh yes! Nice rhing is i have a balance of life going in and it gives me the the ability to do day by day! Good luck and i am glad you made your choice!

Thank you so much for sharing. I'm going through the roughest time right now because we're both under the same roof and I am trying to move out asap. My h is making it difficult for me and yes you were right about him being a taker. He's still trying to take by suddenly trying to make me responsible for half the rent when he has always been the one responsible for it while I was responsible for all of the utilities, groceries and incidentals. I would have had no problem with that arrangement had he offered to split the utilities down the middle as well. I am totally relying on God and my faith right now. I am so stressed my head hurts everyday. I know I have to go thru this to get to my happiness. I also have my daughter to worry about which adds to the stress. I just pray that this will all end quickly

Thats hard! i am grateful that i just got out and did not have to stay and work on any thing else. i would not worry about what he wants as far as money. if he acts the least little aggressive then call the police and continue your course. he will do worse as things get harder and you want to take the high road and follow gods will. he would not want you to participate in dysfunctional behaviors. you can do this!