Update On My Divorce Part 6

Been such a long time since I have written anything on EP.  Still I have many friends I care about on here so I figured they deserved to know whats going on in my life.  Anyone else is welcome to read of course and even go back and read the first 5 parts to get the bigger picture.

So the latest in my divorce is my wife is still in Florida with no house sold (I think she gave up) because she refused to do things like paint and replace the carpet.  The sad part about that is my kids are still in Florida as well. 

My mom who generously paid for the first 5,000$ of the divorce for me is not paying the lawyers any more (nor does she have to) but that means I am in a pickle.  For now my lawyers are still working (all though bare minimum.)  They have a motion filled with the courts that's set in March asking the courts to have my wife pay for my legal fees.  If it works great and if not I am not sure what is going to happen.  My current job right now I am barley able to pay the bills.  I might have to get a 2nd job to make sure the bills can be paid for. 

Still I have come a long way since last year when she kicked me out.  I have a stable job that has great potential in the future.  I also am going to be moving into my own apartment next week.   The best part of it all is I have a wonderful girl who has stolen my heart that lives in England. 

I am still talking to my kids as often as I can.  Hopefully that will be even more often after I move into my own place.  I so am looking forward to the day they move back here to Colorado all though I am guessing it might be more likely in the future I move to Florida to be with them.  

Till the like most of this divorce has played out so far since last June is just a wait and see what happens. 

denverguy denverguy
36-40, M
Feb 24, 2010