Consider Yourself Lucky

Seven years of being attached to my good credit with your bad credit. You should be home free now. All debts are nearly paid on mine. No reliance on my clean slate and reputation to get your life straight. You're solid where you are now. You have absolute job security. Yes I got you started and kept you going with whatever it was that you wanted. But now that means that you will not suffer. You can cut those ties that bind (or "bother") and have a life...since it is difficult for you to coexisit/get along with mine. I heard you. I heard that there are things you "have a real problem with" about who I am. Things that annoy you that will go above your love. Even the little things. I hear how conditional it is. How much is required or needs to be removed. I fully understand these situations and what they mean. You should feel "lucky" because now it's over. Be at peace...finally...

Tekkamaki Tekkamaki
7 Responses Mar 12, 2010

I completely understand your situation. Sorry for your pain but I have to believe as I enter this new phase of my life that in the long run its worth it. Best of luck to you.

Very true. Very true. (((Hugs)))

sorry to hear your news... you'll do better in the long run

(((hugs))) Who needs a one-sided relationship where we have to do all the work? No way...

I've come to the same conclusions. I spent so much time and effort forgiving and trusting, working things out. It wasn't reciprocated. Especially the trust. <br />
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Thanks Glow and Bluegrass.

It sounds like you have already cut the emotional ties. He does not value you... You'll find someone who really values you now you will have the time and freedom to do so. And you'll save money from the ex...

*loves Tekk* <br />
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It's a hard place to be in, my friend...I'm here any time you need me. Hell. I'm going through the same thing. But I know you're strong enough for whatever you are facing. And that whatever happens, for you, better things are around the corner. <3