Forgive And Forget?

I have this cousin named susie and i use to go over her house to hangout with her daughter who is around the same age as me. Until some things got a bit out of control. I use to skip over to there house and hangout with her daughter and friends. Susie didnt have a problem with it, until i stopped going to they're house. I stopped skipping school and it just went back how it use to be. Susie i guess didn't like it and once we were at a family party she was telling my parent that i was skipping (which was true) but then she started saying that i was bringing her kids drugs n stuff. Which is not true and it's just being awkward being around her. Cause she is the type of person that talks behind everyones back, but now she says that she has church in her life and she wants forgiveness.

So i have gotten over this situation because i dont hold grugdes, but i do ignore them at family partys so should i talk them as nothing happened? Or just leave it as a hi when i see them and cut off communication?
BeautifullyUnique BeautifullyUnique
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2010