Family Feud

Currently my family is going through a rough patch. Not to long agao my mother had to kick her neice my cousin out of her house(since my mom owned it) she had no choice since my mother pays morgage and my cousin hasn't paid rent since augest. Well because of that my mother went through alot of problems with other people in the family and last friday my uncle because idk what happened between my aunt her frined and my mom he punched her like she was a man. Enough to make her bleed behind the ear and for the next 7 8 hours i had to hold my mother back from attacking him with a knife(our neighbors helped) and she called the cops later and when he came back for the glasses he dropped she came running out and i had to hold her back and when my uncle was walking away he started to laugh and said to remember that he was her brother...she went nuts. later when my dad came hme*224 pounds and can bench 457 pounds*i held him back for about 3 mins and he went nuts in front of my uncles house saying u can hit a women but can't come out and fight a man huh and later the cops came for a 2nd time and said if there was anymore probs that he was going to arest someone its just nuts T_T

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I wouldn't say try and keep your dad calm. If any man was to hit my wife/gf/friend who is a girl I would go bust some heads. The one thing I can not stand is for a so called man to hit a woman. To me that makes that so called man a big *****. Keeping your mom calm is a good thing. I wish you the best of luck with these people.

ooooooooh yea

wow <br />
thats sounds like a mess <br />
you should try and keep everyone calm, sounds like everything is really heated and out of control. <br />
good luck