Future Thoughts

Since my ex and I broke up, I've realized Im depressed, but I couldnt figure out why. Ive been fighting with depression since I was 18, when the bleak facts of life hit me lol. I finally realized what it was though. The reason why I was in a relationship was because I was never thinking of the future, I was living in the present. I get depressed and feel like a failure when I think of my future. I havnt done anything with my life, but what really messes with me is that I dont feel like anything can really make me happy. No job, or vacation, or material gifts can make me happy. What I really love is physical. Snuggling in a bed, sleeping in a field, and being with someone I love. When Im single I think about the future, and the future sucks, because nothing I do can make me happy :s Maybe I have some kind of disorder or something, because I dont think this is how normal people feel.. In a way I feel like life is pointless, not because Im particularly unhappy, but its just I have nothing to look forward to or be happy for..
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PS: If anything, maybe you can get a life coach or speak with a counselor. but PLEASE, dont take anti-depression drugs. Just trust me on this one.

hey you, i just want to let you know that you have EVERYTHING to live for. i don't know if you will receive this, but I pray to God that you do. The devil is a liar and will inject thoughts in your head to help you bring yourself to your own demise. One thing I have learned first hand is that regardless of whether people believe in God or Satan, they both exist. The devil wants to bring as many people down with him to the depths of hell before his time is up.

Just know that you are loved; not romantic love, but loved by people you don't even know, such as myself, who believes you are created for a great purpose. you are intelligent and were created with capacity to reason and think; a far more advanced creature than the common dog who licks his balls on his downtime ;o) there is absolutely no reason to not think about the future; your future is your drawing pad to create your story. it may seem overwhelming at first to think about just what to do later in the day! but you start things with baby steps. think about what you want to accomplish in a day. then in 2 days. then in a week, a month, and so on and so on.

you are a beautiful person whose only worst enemy is your mind. don't try to escape reality by creating a "fantasy" with others by being :"in love." gain confidence and learn to love yourself. your journey will have some painful bumps along the way, but perseverance will make you stronger and you will become happier. i know because i used to be just like you. i couldn't find physical love to distract me though, so it was a painful road. but i had a desire to live in general. i will pray for you. sorry for the speech :o) i hope and pray that you will be able to get it together and move forward in a positive light.