Bullying For Two Years. Every Single Day.....

When i was in seventh grade (2010) i was excited to start a new school year . About half way through the first semiester things changed. Friends who were there for me last year started to ignore me . I thought it was the way i acted so i checked myself and tried to be more nice to them. It didnt work. I got confused untill my best friend told me the rumors. During break i gained alot of weight do to stress from an car accident  that happened. So some girl thought it would be funny to start a rumor that i was pregnant. Instead of coming to me and finding out the truth they joined in. So there were more rumors untill slowly every one of my friends turned against me. Im not lying when i say the enitre 8th grade ( 106 kids) hated me. The worst part is i knew everyone of them. I was in softball, dance classes and presidant to some clubs at school. If i didnt know your name i at least knew you by your face. Things got worst after that. It started with bumping in the hallway or calling names. After awhile some of my stuff would disapear from my back pack. Then one day a group of 7 girls decided the wanted to beat me up. One of them was my best friend. I've known her since the 1st grade. They broke my ankle and i had several deep gashes on my back. They were wearing cleets from soccer. That was a point for me when it got from bad to worse. They woudlnt let me go to the bathroom so several times i peed in a bush. They would cut me in line at lunch or blame me for stuff i didnt do. They would throw balls at my face in P.E. They would steal my back pack. I;ve had to get a new one every week. They would take pictures of me while i was dressing out at P.E. but the worst part out of all, is i couldnt tell anyone. If i told a teacher the whole room would say no and say i was a liar. If i told the principle he would have an assembly and they would get even more mad at me. So i started cutting. The pain made me think of something other than what happened that day. My grades slipped so my parents yelled at me.  I couldnt sleep becuase i was too nervous thinking about the next day.  I still cant sleep. I stopped eating. I stopped talking becuase i felt like no one would listen. So i tried to committ suicide. Many people dont understand why you would want to kill yourself but ill paint you a picture. I was bullied and beat up every day for the past 2 years. Every day i felt so disgusted with myself. Every night i cried myself to sleep. Everyday i was reminded i couldnt tell anyone or hell would come. I had no rescue at home. I had no rescue with my friends that all turned their backs on me. My grades were in the toilet so  i thought i had no future as a singer.  The thought of escaping my life was ectacsy to me. My sister caught me 30 seconds after i hung myself. So now im recovering but im still being bullied. i wanted to share my story with you so in case you are bullying someone or you see someone bullied dont take it lightly becuase that might be the insult or action that makes them think that could be there last night. i was saved by my sister but they might not get a chance to get saved. im doing better these days but it still haunts me and forever will. thanks for reading :Tail.co
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it is very sad that you have to go through this, i had almost the same story as you at this age, right now everything is fine. Just be strong those people will grow up and have their own children and they might experience the same as you do right now but with their own children.Wish you the best. World have so many nice people and don't waist your time and health for those who are miserable.

I'm sorry to hear that I know it's like to be bullied

U are great,U are a winner hold your head up and keep walking,remember God loves you and U have people who cares.