On Track, Where's My Tunnel?

Growing up, I was my mother's scapegoat. Unfortunately, I still am. Fighting depression, and constantly failing. I just grew more and more frustrated and depressed. I swore my time had finally come. I felt more optimistic. But it's like everything has come to a screeching halt. I want things to happen, NOW. I have been denied so much in life. She sent all my siblings to College, but refused to send me. I am not the youngest. Even when the counselors got funding, she refused to sign the papers. I graduated early. I thought I had done the right thing and was on my way out. Finally. No. Still a minor.

My mother told me she would give me hell. She has kept her word. Those are the types of promises she keeps. I don't give up on myself now, for my children and pets. I feel that I am on the right track, but I can't see that tunnel, let alone look for a light at the end of it. I can't understand why I can't catch a break. Why must I go through another tough time? I can't stand this.
WrenHomeNYC WrenHomeNYC
41-45, F
May 5, 2012