Only You

Todays finally over,
Another day without you,
Twenty four hours of questioning,
If we're really through.
You say you still love me.
I trust it's true.
All because of you.
Your my first love found.
Your my first love lost.
I cherish the time spent together.
Priceless, without cost.
As I lie here in bed,
You still haunt my mind.
Forever in my heart,
Will you be confined.
So I drift into slumber,
Accompanied by you.
I can't see your face,
Yet, I feel as if I do.
I dreamt the sweet dream,
The one I always do.
The one with you a part of my life.
The one I need to be true.
I guess you could look at it,
As another day without you,
But the way I see it,
It's another day closer till my dream comes true
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2 Responses Nov 22, 2011

Beautiful, and real...The loss of a first love takes some time to come to terms with: Please hang in there!!!

i loved that!