Your Gone

When you said it was over
I couldn't believe my ears
How could all of our love
Bring me to tears
It just hurts me so much
That you have moved on
I'm having trouble
Believing you're gone
I've been thinking it over
All I've gone through with you
How come you don't love me
Just because of you
Now that you're not here
Your image surrounds me
I hate that I never
was really meant to be.
The Way that I do?
I needed you so much
You made life worth while
I remember the good times
You'd make me laugh and smile
It seemed like my dreams
All were coming true
My life was so perfect
too see him more happier with her
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6 Responses Nov 22, 2011

Unforunately I Do Relate<3

"Nothing good or bad lasts forever." - King Solomon<br />
Hang in there!

I'm sorry for your heartache. This was a very soulful poem. Thanks for sharing. :)

no one ever deserves to feel this way. i'm so sorry you've been hurt. just take one step at a time. no more no less. talking about it helps. you write beautifully.

Buddhism says for every negative wave you are going through there’s a positive one on its way to you or preparing to reach you. As for the relationship, figure each break up you go through it’s like playing darts, you miss the perfect spot until you acquire more knowledge and practice to reach the perfect center. Well, perfect we’re talking humans so you know what I mean...<br />
<br />
Emotions you feel are normal unless you would have been an alien. As days passes by, the pain diminishes. Keep up and most importantly have fun, lots of fun Mr. Survivor xxx

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Hugs sweetie. Break-up are hard, but you have a lot of life and love ahead of you :) xo