Emotionally Abusive Girlfriend

I have been with a woman who is 13 years older then me - I am 39 for nearly 7 years.
I have tried to break up with her loads of times but she always pleads for another chance. She says she built her whole life around me and that she will kill herself if she hasn't got me.
We sort of lived together for a while but I have always kept my own rented flat.
The last time I tried splitting up with her she made loads of threats saying she would get me done saying she would go police and say I raped her. When I wouldn't speak to her she went police and they took clothing from her as evidence and she had a medical examination but didn't go through with the allegation as I started talking to her again just for a quiet life. She even put comments on facebook saying no means no and stuff as though the rape really happened to her. She even went to my employer and told my boss I had raped her and told a few other bus drivers.
I have kids from a previous partner who she text saying they were never going to see me again as I was going to jail and she also sent them comprimising pictures of me which she had on her phone which I thought had been destroyed (my daughter was 15 at time).
She also put on facebook that I wore womens clothes under my work uniform and printed some comprimising pictures of me and went round showing other people in my work.
I repeatedly went to the police to report what she was doing but they didn't want to know.
I got back with her for a short while to stop her doing what she was doing as she was making my life unbearable but things are no better with her. She says I made her do all the bad things she did because I hurt her so the only way she could deal with it was to hurt me back.
Things became so unbearable that I told her I didn't love her and that there was no future in us and that we should split up. This was at my flat and she went mental. I had get the police to remove her from my flat and they told me to just ignore her but I work as a bus driver and she hounded me and eventually started talking to her yet again.
I am also bi curious and I told her this ages ago and its part of the reason I wanted to split up with her so I could explore this side of my sexuality.
Sorry if this is very long winded but my head is totally done in with all this.
the situation I am in now is am talking to her and she keeps asking if I will give her another chance but she says if I say no then her life is over and that she will kill herself and that it will be all my fault because I made her fall in love with her and she can't bear to be without me. I said I am going to move away from her because of all the hassle she has caused me but she says she doesn't care how much it costs she will find me.
I see my kids every other week and she says its not fair that she can't see them but they don't want anything to do with her after the pictures of me she sent them.
We argue when I see my kids because I spend the day with them and she wants to see me.
I can't afford an injunction to keep her away from me because I work full time and thats another thing she was going to do when I split up with her last time she was going to get an injunction herself as she can get legal aid and she was going to get an injunction then come and find me if say I was in the town center then she was going to come up to me and phone police and say I won't leave her alone and try and get me arrested. She told me all this herself when I started talking to her.
Help !!!!!!
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These threats she is saying to fr<x>ame you and get you in serious legal trouble. Record them. I am not a lawyer but if I remember correctly you need to inform them they are being recorded. So just say "you are being recorded" when she is on the phone or something (perhaps in a way where it's on the recording that you said it but maybe she didn't hear it because she was yelling at you or something). Buy a basic memo-taker, they are only a few dollars.<br />
<br />
Bring in this evidence and you have something, otherwise it's just "he said, she said."<br />
<br />
Good luck.

Yes, I think also that you should record them. Because you don't need any permission to record conversations where you take part yourself. Only informing is needed, just like Heraisu said.