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my boyfriend of two years just dumped me a week before my birthday :( last year he didn't even get me anything or celebrate. Every event that happened to him during our 2years I've gone all out and got him nice, expensive gifts, and thoughtful long letters and cakes. i don't know why this happens to me. He doesn't appreciate everything i do for him. I made my whole life about him, even after he abused me. Please someone give me advise. how do i forget my first love, and he was my "first time" i cant picture being with someone else but i just want someone to love me, and appreciate me, tell me they love me and so on. Also i have no friends/ or anyone there for me but him. he tells me he wants to be with me only if i learn to shut up, take orders, never leave my house unless with him and so on. ADVISE PLEASE...:S
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1 Response May 17, 2012

Its ok youve done nothing wrong and he knows it. I believe he will be back because he knows he is on to a good thing, you treated him very well.<br />
Be careful as this relationship seems to protray you as the victim, mabe he isint very good for you,why not start dating again look out for a guy who appreciates you better?

its just hard being with someone for so long then just moving on.. i spoke to him last night and he said that its not about me, its just he can never be the type of guy to make a girl happy unless he's 100% happy in life and that i either live with it or just move on. so its hard :s

i appreciate your advise it did really help out, thank you for taking time to help

yeah im trying to do that

No-one is ever 100% happy in life, he said that to you to keep you feeling insecure, i think ditch him and find a social type job working in a bar/hotel.