Sticky Situation

I'll try and keep this short and to the point. I'd been dating my ex for about 1.5 yrs. we moved in with each other after a year and went half in a rental under a 12 month lease.we had been having problems for the last few months, he was acting really distant and dismissive, throwing nasty comments my way and generally being difficult. We were both unhappy.but basically I went through some pretty devastating medical problems and at the time he assured me he would support me and be there for me. Fast forward 3 days.... Still dealing mentally with what I was physically going through, he admits that he isn't happy needs to find himself and has wanted to break up with me but didn't want to hurt my feelings. We ended it obviously, but I'm now stuck living with my ex until I find another place, he is dismissive and treats me like a annoyance, he can't even look at me and refuses to acknowledge me in the slightest. My entire support network is at least a 45 min drive away so I'm feeling really isolated and alone! I need some advice on how I get through this without loosing the plot! Help!
Aloneinoz Aloneinoz
May 19, 2012