Will I Ever Be Happy

about 5 weeks ago i met a guy which wasnt anything extraordinary but i had just gotten over a man who i was in love with for four years and was open to loving someone new, so i went on a few dates with this new guy and we communicated on a regular basis, i felt there was hope. He treated me so well but he seemed to really hate his ex who he refused to talk about and promised me that he did not still love her and that he moved away and has been away from her for a year.
Ill never know if any of this is true because im conviced he was lying to me the whole time we dated. About a week ago he started being distant and i was so worried because i knew he was going through a lot so i promised i would make him dinner and we would go dancing on his next weekend off, so i got up and i cooked for him and he never text or called the whole day, when i finally got in contact with him he told me he left his phone at home (lie) i was like why didnt you call me when you got my text i though something happened to you (because everything was perfect the night before when we spoke). Well he told me he had to call me back and he never did so i text and asked him to be straight up and he said he wasnt ready for anything serious. Well i accepted that but im deploying to afghanistan in two weeks so i never expected him to put a ring on my finger after a month i was just confused because he said he wanted to date me (i was a rebound). He finally admitted that he still loved his ex and that he was gonna drop his whole life here to move back to cali to be with her (they dated for 6 years and he said she cheated while they were engaged) he told me how they always talk and she says she loves him and wants to marry him and how theyre gonna live happily ever after (all while she was with a marine and still is). So i told him i would be there if he ever needed me....im so hurt i never realized how much i cared for him but yesturday he text me telling me how nervous he was to be going back, his stupidity hurt me so i told him to stop contacting me and good luck! how do i get over this confused fool who doesnt realize that he dropped a diamond for an old rock thats gonna smash his heart a second time? i feel sorry for him but im really upset at how he disregarded my feelings completely.
judean23 judean23
Sep 18, 2012