He Didnt Love Me

I was with this guy for 6 months we broke up two days ago we've been though alot already in such a short time we had a misscarriage and while i was all excited he didnt seem the slightest bit happy then it came to losing the baby and it made me want it more and he told me he didnt want children and ever since then its been rocky but nothing we couldnt handle.

but recently we had a really big fight and it included me telling him that he doesnt love me he loves the thought of him and i and he agreed with me the sad part is is that i actually felt my heart sink and it was a horribl horrible thing to feel i know theres no chane i'll get him back but i just want to know how i'll get over it, i dont understand how someone can tell you they love you and know they dont i just dont get it i love him and i guess theres always one that hurts more and i may have gotten too attached

i still love him ofcourse i do but he clearly doesnt feel the same and he cant force himself to love me and i cant either how do i get over this?
saadface saadface
Dec 5, 2012