Break Up

Its just so awful! So i was sitting that night then i got a bc on bbm full of people's pins, so i added this guy and we got to know each other, the next day he said that he loved me and he wishes to be my boy friend. He promised not to ever break up with me. I loved him so much. I thought he was the guy.

3 months later my mom found out about him, i had to delete him from my bbm list. I talked to him from twitter. Days passed and we started to talk less and less each day. Whenever i said im sorry give me a last chance he said i love so that means my life is all chances for you.

Time passed and we started to talk once only each week or two. I love him still and never imagined my life without him. Suddenly one day he said sorry i need to leave i love another girl and you dont match me. He unfollowed me and we never talked again from that day. We stayed together from february 18 till september 8.

Untill this second i still love him i want nothing i just want him back. I tried loving someone else but i couldnt. Im just a teenager and my life has ended, something inside me is dead now, the person i trusted and loved the most left me and loved a girl that wont ever love him the way i did :')
Qween111 Qween111
Dec 15, 2012