It's Awful

I'm losing friends fast, they're all turning on me. He's being guided by people into making this a bitter experience. We broke up on good terms for legitimate reasons. Then he arrives home and tells me "Sapphire told me to live here and just wait for you to move out, ok". Nearly pounced on him. Lack of communication is the main reason for our breakup...go figure. Not sure what to do. I'm feeling very alone in this right now and I'm not sure how to help myself. We share friends but they live in his world and therefor they feel they need to back him and take his side. How do I deal with this. It's a horrible experience. He's a nice enough guy but he's become a tool. His hot-head friends are guiding him down a road that neither of us want to explore. And yet he still doesn't take ownership. I even had to explain what happened to his mum today because he wouldn't, and I gave her the facts not the feelings. I am behaving well and trying not to hurt him more than necessary but he doesn't seem to feel the same about his own behaviours. It's just a nightmare situation that I don't want to be in. I can't be in his company any longer, I need to get out now before things become toxic from outsiders' input.
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I have actually been through something like this before. I ended up letting go of all our friends (which she met through me) and then next thing you know I had to go find new friends. I couldn't go to the normal places to shoot poo or anything. I ended up moving and meeting new friends, and to this day I am actually glad that I did. Now that I have great friends I can look back and it doesn't bother me now. I just went through a lot, but when i stuck it out through all the depression, the hurt and pain, and especially the anger, I realize I am actually much happier now. Yea, I won't lie, it is gonna be hard, but you can do it. The funniest part is when you move on, meat someone new, and then some day it puts a smile on your face when you and your new man bump into him and he sees how much happier you are with someone else. Right now, I sometimes would love to just move off somewhere and never turn back, but it's not realistic, but I make the best of what I have now.

unfortunately they don't seem like friends you should want to have. if the situation isn't fair try to tell him your feelings... or keep getting his mom involved until you settle things. I would try and find new friends though... they don't seem to care about you.