Broken Hearted

I am torn into pieces , I am struggling with my emotions at the moment. My boyfriend of 10 years cheated on me while I was off to school and moved in with her without telling me or even breaking up with me. When I found out he left me and ever since I have been left in a great deal of pain. I was getting ready to graduate in 2013 and we were making plans to get married when I got back. We stop talking for a couple weeks and then he kept calling saying he misses me and still loved me ... Foolish of me I believed him. He has me soo confused because he moved out saying that he wanted me back we started to talk again but his actions met half way with his words. Everything was okay we were still working on bumps I got a text yesterday saying he moved on and that he is with the girl and its not going to work between us because he loves her. Why do I even care? When I love I love hard this is killing me inside . What's so heartbreaking is we were fine the days before this came out the blue and the message seems so strange, as if he didn't send it the wording and context was different from how he speaks an spells words. Maybe I'm over thinking but regardless it still came from his phone. I should be to the point where I don't care and move on but it's so hard. It's killing me every time I think about the words in that text message. I am beyond depress. This is a small portion of my story or love or maybe I should say my love and pain runs very deep.
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U need to find another more worthy

It is really hard right,even though others telling that its nothing be happy and go on with life,but still it's hard to do it,they can say like that coz they don't know the feeling that's inside us,,hope that we can face it and fight for our pain that we have inside,I'm here broken10812 your not alone

@myliemyles I'm pushing some of them away to I feel like no one really understands how bad the pain is. This is really killing me inside I have been crying all morning I can't sleep I just Dnt know what or how to feel anymore. I can't believe the person who once lived me more than anything in the world and protected from everything is the one hurting me.

I know how you feel,,I know the feeling if someone dump you with other person,or they dump you coz they don't love you and they just making fun of you,it is really hurts and I'm suffering through that feelings now,,and now I'm soo sad and lonely that Im pushing away those people who loves me,becoz of my loneliness,,,I understand you