Break Up

Hi everyone, I have been going through some hard times for the past weeks. My boyfriend broke up with me. We have been dating for the past 3years and he is everything a lady would want from a man. He is one year younger than me. He recently moved to a new country and sometimes later he called me telling me it will be best if we get apart cuz he respected me so much to do anything silly behind my back.Also coupled with the age factor wherein he would be forced at one point to decide on settling down of which he thinks he wouldnt be ready by then. He is 22years. It is so killing me inside because i am afraid of loosing him completely. The breakup is so hard on me . I am totally confused on how to react or think. if i should be considerate and move on or if i should be bitter and dissappointed. He was soo caring, loving and so mature for his age. I think whats limiting me from moving on is that i still believe things will work out for good someday. I please need some help i feel so down and confused.
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

I know how you feel. Im going threw the same thing. The easiest thing is to miss him for a little but then you needto move on

Thanks for the concern i will try my best to do so but its not that easy!