Long Term Love Break Up

i have been with my partner for twelve years and we have four kids together. last year i met up with an old school freind for my birthday . I ended up 3 moths later catching them together. sine then she has been telling me she doesnt know how she fills about us but shes pregnant with his child. she has been messing with my head cos i love her so much and dont know what to do . she know want to be alone but want me in her life and tells me she loves me. im confused the other man is a pain he is causing me grief at every oppurtunity and this whole situation has made me ill .
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

I'm very sorry for your situation. I've been like her and have learned from ex what he needed to heal was simply to get me to apologize and allow him to vent about the pain I caused him. You deserve better than her.

well no one can understand the pain u are going with ....but u need to sit together and talk to each other ....some time it happens...might b she was emotion and did that fault...