Three Years Down The Drain..

My exgirlfriend and I have been together for three years and were madly in love. Well during the second year she cheated on me with her first, and it really did tear me apart as I never got a reason to WHY,but I was so much in love with her that I agreed to work on our relationship if she was willing. Things were going so well for a year but recently, like every past year we tend to argue a lot because of all the baggage we both carried. Now I know I have parents who are over bearing and I might get upset on occasion but i really did try to work our relationship out for the best as she did because I felt this was real. Now in our third year I have found out that she was cheating on me with a guy from work and I was furious but so heart broken at the same time. This time her reason was that he was just better looking, but its hard to blame myself for things I could've done. Even though she has ruined eveything we have worked for I can't help feel torn; even though it be for a limit time, I only wonder how I will ever find such a unconditional love from another person. I just want to be happy you know....
Hung89 Hung89
Jan 19, 2013