20 Years Then Nothing

My partner of 20yrs left me and my two kids at the weekend.

I have yet to even see or talk to him i know it has not been long but the thought of it hurts me so much,so I thought if i didnt it might make it easier.The kids have been upset and i obviously have to put them first,just so wish I could handle this better i find myself crying at the silliest things but just cant help it.The thought of knowing that hes never coming bk is cutting me in two.Has anyone got through this and HOW plz help .


watty39uk watty39uk
1 Response Feb 12, 2009

Do you know why he left? If you didn't then the hardest part is searching for answers. You don't say how old the children are and if he's had any contact with them since. Some people, especially men find it difficult to talk and so take the easy route and just walk away. They find it even easier to walk right away and have no contact at all with the children or the ex. You need a good network of friends to get through this and the worst thing is to allow self pity to take over. keep yourself busy, very busy so that when you do have to stop and think about whats happened it doesn't hurt as much. You need to show the children how to cope in a crisis so that if anything happens in their adult life, not necessarily a break up like yours but something difficult to deal with. It's up to you to show them how to come through the other side.