My recovering drug addict boyfriend and I have been planning to move together out of state. I have been about an hour away from him for a few months now and as much as the distance sucked, him and I were making it work. He was doing amazing, sober, new job, new friends, attending meeting, his drug classes, the whole nine yards. I went to visit him Friday for the first time in about 2 months and he just moved into his new room the first of this month. I ended up finding a fake penis for him to pass drug tests and a bag full of burnt foil squares. I was truly devastated and still am. I new the chances with dating an addict and my only demand was honesty. However, he denied it to no end so I left him. I am heart broken and to make matters worse I found out he went to jail for robbing people's cars and he's denying that and trying to say it was his friend and he's the one who got caught. He now has 2 felony charges of robbery and a court date, he will be spending time in jail and I honestly am relived and hope it will be his wake up call and that he will get better. I am a wreck and I know he is too. He is using so much to "mask" his pain and its breaking my heart more every second. I never thought he'd get this bad while being with me when things were going so good for a bit. I got a taste and now it's all destroyed and I want to hate him so bad, but I can't! I want him to realize that he can turn it all around instead of digging himself deeper. I feel so stupid and words can't describe how hurt I truly am. I lost my best friend, my only friend, my true love, my rock, my supporter. I am now completely alone and devastated.
secretdestiny secretdestiny
22-25, F
Aug 20, 2014