I don't even know what to write here but I feel the need to get my feelings out. Once again I'm sad, alone and I just don't want to go out and face the world right now. I can't put on a smile and pretend that I'm happy because I'm not. I can't pretend that I have friends because I don't and I can't pretend that I can get through this because I can't.
chuhulil chuhulil
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Life is hard but you have to force yourself to go out if you don't have friends make some your entire life does not revolve around him I learned that the hard way I couldn't pretend I was happy either for a while but find people you can talk to and cry and know your situation they will understand your not happy that your sad but if you keep being negative you are going to get yourself depressed trust me I did that and almost ended taking my life

Ya gonna be fine. Takes time. Maybe a long time. And it is gonna hurt worse than gettin' yer wisdom teeth out but you will, eventually, be fine.