I went to Turkey for 11 days, leaving behind what I thought was a relationship of bliss and perfection. My boyfriend and I had been together a year and a bit, and he was so in love with me, as I was with him. He wrote me letters drew me pictures bought me cute things. He was an actual Prince Charming. The day I came back from my holiday, he ran over in his work, swooped me over and kissed me passionately. He then proceeded to tell me he did not want to be with me any more, and that he's slept with another girl, one he volunteers with. It absolutely killed me. I forgave him for cheating on me, because I just didn't want to break up with him, but he told me he actually kinda likes her, and he isn't sure of the direction he is going in life. The worst thing is I still feel like he must love me because how can your feelings for someone change just like that? He cried a lot and seemed sorry yet still doesn't want to be with me. I think he's going through a crisis at the moment and may have depression because he has never been like this before.
A few days after I couldn't bear it any more so I texted him and asked him if he wanted to come over, just to talk about the situation and for him to collect his things. He kissed me and hugged me and said all these lovely things. We ended up having sex and I regret it so much because I thought me might of changed his mind but he hasn't. I find it so hard because I want to see him all the time, but I don't want to let him get away with still having a Half relationship with me and talking to this other girl, sometimes he texts her even in front of me. It's not fair because he knows I am still in love with him and it feels like he's taking advantage of it, but I can't let him go, it's too hard. I miss the company.
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Try not to call or text him . He doesn't respect you. Try and forget about him there are plenty of fish ... Believe me I've been through a very similar experience recently (look at my experiences)

It's hard I know it is. You wonder how you will get over him .... But you will just remind yourself of what he is doing to hurt you x

Move on if he comes back to you he's yours but don't take sloppy seconds x

Thankyou :'( it's so bloody hard

I know. I think about my ex all the time. Want to call him all the time even though he cheated on me, showed me all the women he's looking at on dating websites and kissed 3 random girls infront of me in a club. It's hard

**** man, that is so **** :(