10 Months of My Life Wasted

about 3 months ago this girl that asked me out dumped me.i found it kinda strange that she asked me out and dumped me.well anyway everything was going fine every now and then we would have an argument.well any way this guy she would talk about him 24/7 i didn't think it was that major.cool she has a friend who is a guy.well this guy i guess asked her out while we were going out so she just dumped me.just like that no "lets still be friends no nothing" she just wrote me an email that said (I'm censuring everything) "B**** I'm tired of your s*** goodbye!"that's word from word at least she could have said it to my face.And get this i still have feeling for her everyone keeps on saying forget about her but i cant i keep on having dreams about her like her trying to kill herself and i try to stop her or we are friends still we talk and stuff. well as much as i wish that it was true that we still talk it isn't. Ive gotten other advice from other people but all of it wont work. she doesn't believe any thin i say actually the last things we said to each other was a conversation about this other guy again well she was talking about some Ashley girl that i thought i knew i asked her to tell me more about this Ashely girl well she said no because i wouldn't know her well we got in an argument because she didn't think i knew her she said "I'm going to explain her to you because you wont know her" well i thought i did that was the last conversation i had with her and then she broke up with me. well not on the phone like i said she emailed me because after that she hung up. i pass her in the hall of my school some times and it feels awkward not a smile or a hi one time i waved no response. so yeah 7 months of my life wasted with going out with her and 3 months of getting over her. anyone reading this thank you for taking the time to read this long thing that is all to say. i just needed someone to tell this to maybe some help to talk to her again thanks again.

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3 Responses Mar 20, 2009

She sounds really immature and you can do better. The time spent was not a waste of your life, you have learned from the experience!

I completely agree, she doesn't deserve you at all. You deserve someone who treats you better and is much more loyal, and i'm positive you'll find someone that makes you eternally happy.

that must be really painful... she doesn't deserve you. simple as that.