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I was in a 3.3 year long relationship with a guy.We were the best of friends. We shared everything- our joys, our sorrows- there was nothing that I wasnt comfortable talking to him about.We were planning to finish our final leg of education -postgraduation- and then settle down together.Our families knew of our relationship and had accepted "us". last june- he got into an MBA programme while I got a new job.Before his school started -we had mentally prepared ourselves -that neither of us may have any quality time to spend with each other and that we'd just have to grit our teeth and get through the next two years.The first few months were fine- as expected. He came down on my birthday and we spent some quality time together.2 weeks after he went back- he was visiting friends at this town which was like a 3 hr drive from my city.So I assumed that he would  drop by after his vacation with his friends.He dint make it-but it was ok. It was understandable.There- his classmate-told him that she was interested  in him. he told me about it. we discussed it. He was popular in school and I had assumed that lots of women would be interedted in him. so it didnt bother me at all. I was so confident about our relationship - that I never thought to give any of this too much thought. This was on the middle of october. 13 days later- he broke up with me on chat. ON IM!During the initial part of the conversation- I  was trying to explain to him - that I knew that things were difficult- with our schedules being all different n all-blah blah. but once I sensed that this man had all but made up his mind to end the relationship- i didnt stop him.He said something like - he needs to be alone for now. and that if in a years time - we are at a place where we want to resume our relationship then "maybe. but I cant promise anything." I asked him if there was someone else- cos he seemed so distant and mechanical- the way he went about this thing- and he denied it - but said-"but at the rate we are going- there might be- in the future."Just 2 days before this- he told me that he loved me and that I shudnt be mad at him and stuff coz" days without you are very sad."All of this came out of the blue. There seemed to be no real "reason" for his decision. I thot- for that time- to let him be. I thought -maybe he needs time to sort things out.

13 days later- a mutual friend-mailed me a photo of him and THAT girl (the one that had shown interest in him earlier.)

I didnt say ONE thing to him after he broke up with me- not one harsh word- no yelling- no weird mails- I dint beg or plead or even talk.I felt really hurt and upset due to the unexpected turn of events -and the fact that i felt like I had meant NOTHING to him.I felt that MY feelings were mine- and that his decisions had left him with NO right to know how I felt.So I kept everything inside. I dint even block him from any networking sites-no outward signs of any of anything that I really felt.

He splashed pics of her all over facebook (he never put any of my pics up because he claimed to be possessive and protective of me) - replying to comments about how "pretty" and "stunning" she was- with-"you have no idea" and the like. We had a common blog which he did not delete(nor did I). instead went ahead to open one with his new gf.(I wasnt his "friend" on FB so i had to snoop a bit- thats what I had been reduced to).and he hadnt put up the pix where I cud see them (on orkut ).In all that time- he never once asked about me. never once  called me. it was as if I hadnt existed at all.

After a 4 week "romance" with her- she ended it sayin that her "parents didnt approve" (HOW LAME AN EXCUSE!!!).

Two days after that- he started contacting me. After a few times of trying- he realised that he had made a mistake breaking up with me and treating me so badly.SO he has been trying for the last 2 months to get me back. sending mails. pinging me online. talking about the past-how we were- talking about the future-and how he had envisioned us together.

but I cant bring myself to say anything to him. so I havent.not a word. no replies. nothing.

I dint think he had any right to treat me like that and toss me aside for the first "option" that came along. it was her and me(with my 3.3 yrs history of going thru thick and thin with him.) and he chose her.

Even though I am trying to be positive and am taking each day as it comes-it stll hurts. its been four months almost. and sometimes I still cry for the girl I was- the girl whose heart he broke.

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:) Its been three years and one month since.. and I am happy.
I did myself a huge favor and got my life on track. Career-wise..every-other-sphere- of-my-life wise.. and looking back - I really think it was probably a good thing that all that happened.. I realized a strength within myself that I didnt know I had.. :))

While reading ur story, i really sobbed , i wanna cry loudly , i feel stifled..it happened first time that i m feeling so weak. <br />
It really hurts a lot when some-one, for whom ,u meant every thing just leaves u alone in this bewildered world without a word. I just broke with my girl( 1 month)..I wonder every moment what would she be thinking about the actual turn of events. you sounded so much like her. earlier c always used to call me after fight, but this time she forgot met..our relationship was so divine, i can't imagine my life without her. i wonder whether she must have some one to comfort her? she might have got a new bf.<br />
feeling pissed

@Horriblegirl :Thanks ! M Five months "sober" now. Havent said a word to him yet. He tried quite hard to get SOME reaction out of me until 2 weeks ago. I think he finally gave up. :) I dont think I should dignify his behaviour with a response.. it gets tough sometimes... esp since he dropped off the map again - it was like cold turkey for a while.. but m regaining my composure again.. :) <br />
Taking each day as it comes! n hopefully I'll get over this n find happiness again! :)

hey, im proud of you for staying strong and keeping you feelings from him, thats so smart! wish i could be like you.<br />
<br />
he doesnt deserve to even have you waste one word or thought on him. what a douchebag! better you found out what he was really like before marrying him or anything.<br />
<br />
it seems like you have a decent level of self respect so you wont let him hurt you again.<br />
<br />
hope your going okay and getting over the break up xxxx

@allaboutthesexy: Thanks. I am really glad that my story inpired you. Believe me- even though on some days u may feel that its impossible- to get through it or to stifle the urge to get back in touch with him- u WILL get thru it! Just remind yourself what hes done to you. and how hes treated u when u needed him the most.Love yourself.Take care of yourself.Hold yourself in high esteem. Believe in yourself.Cos u deserve much much better than this. This is what I told myself whenever I felt down in the dumps. if u feel like crying-cry. it helps. "sorrow grows bigger when the sorrow's denied."howl if u must. I did. and it realllly makes u feel better-atleast for the moment. You will get thru this. keep that chin up. Congratulations on the baby! I wish u and your baby all the best!take care.<br />
<br />
@sad26: I second that! they think we'll just be sittin 'round waitin for them to sc**w our happiness again!

im goin through the same kinda thing only i have a 13week old baby with him and i just wanna say thank u for not takin him back and not replyin it takes a really strong person its only been 2 dayz for me i refuse to cry, it almost comes but i stop it i dont know how long i can do it for, i was told i have anxiety last week and he chose a time i needed him the most to do this to me<br />
it takes a really strong person to do what u did and im gonna save ur story and evertime i get weak and wanna talk to him ill read it <br />
your an inspiration

I am so sorry that happened to you. Guys always feel like us women are a revolving door that they can just come and go as they please. What an ***.