Overwhelmingly Sad

I just broke up with my on again off again boyfriend of 2 years for the last time and I feel so sad and depressed. I miss him so much and everyday has been tough. Regular mundane things like going to the grocery store, or paying bills online have been tough and have led to tears. He stayed at my apartment all the time now his stuff is gone, and I'm all alone in my big bed. I feel so overwhelmingly sad I'm trying to be strong but the second I'm alone I feel like an emotional wreck. He won't talk to me and I don't feel like I did anything that horribly wrong that he shouldn't talk to me. How is someone apart of your life for 2 years and then they're gone? How is it so easy for him? I feel like I'm dying inside.

sad26 sad26
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

I guess I'm not one hundred percent sure this is the last time because we have broken up before. I guess it feels that way because he's angry with me this time. Thank you for your comments.

I am sure it feels truly horrible right now. You tie yourself to another person...and when that person is gone, a portion of you is gone...it is impossible to feel whole. The healing will come over time. Just stay with life, and try to take care of yourself...cry if you have to. The pain will be bearable one day.