My husband acted all normal (as to the normal usual he is) dropped me off from work ..and left...all the while txting me that he wasnt feeling good and could someone else give you a ride home? I came home at lunchtime (after finding out he wasnt there sick) with a 3 page letter...stating he left on a plane and he wants a separation...just gone... to where ..I have no clue..wont talk on the phone..barely texted...I did tell him to send me the papers and I will sign....this is the heartache I get...afer 8.5 years of marriage and 3 more of dating...I get a coldhearted goodbye...
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would it really be better if he had sat you down to give you a closure talk? it will be just as heart breaking... i'm sorry you are hurting...

I'm sorry that you had gone through this, I went through one myself, fortunately it was peaceful. No one deserves to get there heart ripped out.

Thank you Dreammmer. I am doing wonderful now. Life is really good. Looking back at my posts and stories I feel a sense of sadness but not the despair I felt back then. I appreciate the comment. <br />
<br />
Peace :)

LOL thanks for that comment WishMeLuck that made me chuckle. :)

wow...after what I'm going through all I have learnt is that you should never take sides, just be never know what's happening...keep your head high and be responsible for your own actions during this's heart can make you do strange things...I wish you ALL the best...God bless you and yours, you'll pull through!

I am surviving. I have my family and friends around me. They are gathering around me and holding me up...thank you for your concern I appreciate it.

Im so sorry he did that, you deserve so much better, my brother in law did that to his wife too. Believe me when i say both sides of the family are in shock when somthing like that happens. Are you ok? do you have someone who can stay with you?