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Two weeks ago i left to go find work and came home a couple hours later to find my wife no there. 6 hours later she came back with a bunch of her family and said it was over. she packed up all of her stuff and left. it hurted really bad. still hurts. ive been with my wife for 5 years 3 years married and she hasnt told me why she left. every time i call her it goes right to the voice mail and every time i go there no one answers the door, but to top it off we have a son. She hasnt let me seen him, and its killing me. i love my son and the fact she wont let me see him is just killing me. i filed for custody for him but havnt heard anything from her. it just hurt bad and i cant see why see wont answer my calls. all i do is right them letters, makes me fell better i guess. i have no idea when i would be able to see my kid. i think some time next month after the 18. i dont see why you can stop loving a person after 5 years being with them.
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oy. she sounds cold. if she isn't normally like this... then you need to talk to her. im guessing she didnt stop loving you over night... she probably check out a while ago. a few tips... don't cry, sound depressed, or angry. sound confident and willing to discuss. i could never imagine taking my child from their father... poor kid... but dont let your emotions overthrow any chance of discussing a healthy friendship for your child. Maybe advise her that your not going to have harsh feelings, you've swallowed any wrongs in the past and your not looking to rekindle anything if she doesn't want to. make her realize maybe you've grown a bit inside and willing to appease the situation - even if its an inconvenience - because you want to simply be in your childs life.

I hope things become better for you.

she has to have a real reason why she made this choice. she chose to marry you, and it lasted. she chose to have your son, and he is your son, she has not the right, to take him away from you. something has had to happen, what was your marriage like? has she ever tried to talk to you about a possible separation? how would you, honestly and non-ob<x>jectively describe your relationship with her and your son?<br />
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i am sorry for your loss. i hope that the best solution for everyone is what happens.