Can't Do It Any More Cont....

So we had a good week or two of very emotional, intense, brutally honest conversation. We decided to go see a therapist...after much convincing...again, talked a lot about all kinds of things. One of my big issues was why I didn't just kick him out right away, I always thought I would know exactly what I would do if put in this situation again. I was having a lot of self doubt about who I was. After a few sessions things were going well. The only things I asked of him was to cut of his personal relationship with her and to tell her why. They had to work together and that was bad enough. Along with that to take her off his FB account and block her. I so badly wanted to confront her and have my say, didn't get to with the last one and always wished I had. But for reasons I don't know I didn't, decided I didn't want to make a bad situation worse.

Everything was going along well and I really felt like this whole experience was going to make us stronger. Shortly after he said he was going to see one of the guys from work's band play. One of the things we talked about was why he didn't want me around when he was out with his friends. He didn't invite me to come along...even though this was one of the friends he was out with that night and most likely the woman would be there. He said he figured I wouldn't want to come. More likely he didn't want me there cause he knew she would be there and either wanted to be able to spend time with her again or he didn't want to be uncomfortable. Then about a week later he sent me an email joke from work..I was resending it and so went to erase the previous addresses...and who else had he sent it to but her. I couldn't believe it. I I resent it to him just saying "you're a f*****g liar". No response. So when he got home from work I was sitting outside...he comes back and says hi like nothing in the world happened. That's the way he deals with things...he ignores then. I blow up, he sucks up...didn't mean to do it. Knew as soon as he sent it his mistake, poor me poor me! That's the other thing he does...I'm suck an idiot, so stupid, don't know why I do these things, I didn't think. I said to him...this is my last straw, can't take any more of tired of him not thinking of my feelings before he does things etc. We went back to the therapist and talked and it seemed that he really understood finally where I was coming from. I'm such a sucker.

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31-35, F
Aug 5, 2010