any advice would be great. basicly am married 7 yrs, 2 very young chidren. think wife got somekind of mental problem.

asked me 2 leave and says i cannot see kids until i start paying 4 them, this is very recent and am waiting to c solicitor
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2 Responses Jan 27, 2011

i am seperated from my husband and we were married for 7 years and three kids later and he is a Marine and has my kids we have been seperated for 15 months and he doesn't get child support because he won't give the courts the paper work to set it up. but i did take him to court and i have been seeing them everyother weekend now for the last 7 months. he tried to keep the girls from being alone with me because i have a mental disablitiy but i am very stable and the judge saw that and he couldn't keep them from me so i guess i am saying the she has no right to keep them from you all you need to do is get a lawyer and demand visitation.

would like to help but need more infomation where live which country please message me and will try to help.