I Have Made Such Wonderful Friends

everyone here is so wonderful....I write to help me. I sometimes think i write too much since i seem to be the only one posting on this thread. But I feel such a sense of release when i write. I feel better after i write. I know everyone here is wonderful and some are going through the same thing and others are going through it with me.

Thank you everyone for everything. Your words help me so much. I am getting better, I don't feel it every time but i know I am. I cry a little less, I cry less often. I still cry everyday but hey i will take what i can get.

Someday probably next year i will be ok enough to start seeing someone else. I know i will find another person to be happy with. i know i am a great person. I know i am pretty, Heck already i have had a guy hit on me. LOL. I am just not ready to date anyone cause i still feel married, and i still love my husband.
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hi, is nice writing u never know you may be able one day to write a book!!! and help u to change inside u

Stay positive. I am going through the same. Each day will get better...

Sounds like your husband is losing a good one. You will soon start to get stronger and see that whatever happens, happens for a reason. I only hope I can be as strong as you when the hammer finally falls on my troubled marriage.

Keep venting your emotions. I just read one of your other stories, about He Came Over, and was very tempted to reply. Here I will though. You are going through a very rough time, and your emotions are apt to be extremely intense. You have indeed come to the right place, here at EP you merely need reach out, and you will find connections you need to help you through this time. You can make it through this. I too went through a painful separation and divorce. The feelings will eat you up if you allow them to. Keep writing!

Keeping everything inside and adding more and more will make you explode like a balloon. Writing down what you feel and receiving support and courage from people makes your balloon slowly deflate so no big damage is made. People who write will receive thanks from you so it makes them feel good too. Thats a circle of positive energy that can heal everything. Wish you to be back on the track asap :>