She's Brainwashed

Today, was a weird but satisfying day. 

I had a job interview that was extremely promising. I was afraid the interview would run over though and I'd miss my oldest son's first music concert. I think God's favor is resting on me now because I got out and on the other side of town just in time to grab a seat on the 2nd row right in front of my boy. 

When I first walked in I saw my ex and a woman sitting next to him. I thought it was his mom because of the frizziness and length of the hair. His mom colored her her blonde and straightened it so much that it had become unhealthy. This time though the color was a burgundy color sort of like mine. 

After the concert was over we all walked over to get our kids and congratulate them on a job well done when I saw that his mom was wearing a skirt and ... wedges....? Totally not like her... she prides herself in being a tom boy and wouldn't wear a dress unless she was threatened with death. 

When this mystery woman turns to the side I see that it's in fact Ms. Girlfriend #2. The last time I had seen her was three days prior when she'd come with my ex to pick up the boys and at that time she was a blonde with her roots showing... now she was red ... All I could do was shake my head. 

Just coming from an interview I was dressed classy, professional and caught my fair share of attention when i got there, to me it seemed like GF #2 was making a sad attempt to keep her new man's attention on her. 

I can only imagine the things he's saying to her to prod her into making such drastic changes and I'm also sure that the visible changes are only a small indication of his trying to mold this poor woman into something similar to me. The first time I saw them together I knew that he didn't love her but on her FB page talk of marriage is going on and my boys are coming home asking if 'you and dad are still married cause he wants to marry Erica'

Poor thing... I would try to warn her out of the goodness of my heart but she seems to have her brain washed clean already and he's holding a paintbrush with me as his muse...
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4 Responses Apr 24, 2012

nice story , well told ....I think one day,he will wake up , and think what the hell have i done.<br />
I wish you well

it sounds a similar story , between my wife and i .She had an affair and left me she ''is hopelessly in love ' with the new flame.New relationships especially affair ones are just a fantasy.No reality, no arguments , just all saying what each wants to hear. She is the same as your husband, she has changed so i imagine has your husband..will they change back is the question? take care

sounds as if someone is still a lil pissed off ?? could be wrongggg lol but

BTW She would have to have a brain to be brainwashed and to be in the situation she is in tells me that she does not, so my guess is neither of them have a noodle between them.

It sounds to me like she is trying to emulate you so she can replace you as soon as possible. I knew he would began to wake up and think of what he has done. She is desperate to keep him from going back to you so she is doing all she can to try to hold on to him. Be yourself, dont be jealous in front of them or the kids, and show off the hot classy woman he let go of. Even if you dont want him back, it will kill him to think you are still so sexy, happy and stabile without him. You go girl.