I am separated from my wife of 8 months alto we have been together 8 years.
Due to her self harming i have my two kids and also have a new home where we live.
i have never lived by myself before with two kids i feel so lonely and don't know what to do or how to be positive about this situation everyone tells me it will get easier and to keep my chin up but like I sed i feel low and lonely.

is there any one who could help or give good advice to get me out of this rut
martyn1504 martyn1504
2 Responses May 15, 2012

The lonliness is a killer, I am going thru a separation and empty nest at the same time. I have been working alot and I hate going home at nite to my empty apartment. I get that sick heavy feeling when I walk thru the door. I wish I could speed up time because it is the great healer. I know it won't be like that forever but that doesnt help now. I am doing what I can to keep busy. I'll even go out to eat alone so I don't have to go home...........Keep busy and look toward a brighter future......good luck.

Its the Loneliness that is a killer isn't it Martyn ?, i only wish i could offer you more than my sympathy mate.