Have I Lost My Wife, Or Is There Hope.?

I have been married for 2 1/2 years. and have a son of 3 years, and a step son that is 18. My and my wife have had conflicts since we were dating, but I was madly in love with her and willing to suffer the consequences and hopefully help her change withg love. I helped her stop drugs, i helped her with her alcholism. The first year of us dating, she was violent, and held me responsible for her outbreaks when she was drunk. She is now 2 years sobber, and does not do drugs, but our new problem is my full time job, and my attending college to try to better myself. She has been cold with me for about 6 months now, and we argue about why she is not affectionate with me as she was before. She finally broke out and said it is because i dont take her out like i used to. that i dont take my family out like other people. to disneyland. the beach, circus. etc. I am the only one working and supporting us 4, but i still make our money strech enough for her to visit her other children in mexico twice a year. Well to the conclusion, Sunday to asked me for a divorce, she was mad at me for not doing anything special for my mother on mothers day, and i told her to please not get inbetween me and my family, and i would not do the same for her. Now she is staying in a different room in our house because she has no where to go. she has never had a job, and never wanted to learn english. i have not given up on her and have spent more time with her and my children to show her that i do care. just school has been taking a lot of my time(she also did not want me to stop going to school,). Honestly we treat each other the same as always during the day and with the children, but at night she goes to my 3 years old sons room and spends the night in there. Either way when we slept, she does not like sleeping next to me, or my hand around her. i am now trying to woo her to have her not leave me. AM I MAKING ANOTHER MISTAKE. Do i really want it to be like she was for the past six months. cold and non affectionate to me. and do i really need to break our budget and spend money on family events that i can not afford..
There are som many other details that just keep my mind wondering. the main question that hit me today. was do i really want her back. or am i just affraid of being alone.
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Sorry to hear about your situation but I think that the best thing for you to do is agree with her. If you want the coldness and non-affection to go away. Agree with her. Even agree with her negative feelings. Trust me it will work. When you are fightng against her negative emotions you are just making them stronger. The more you push she'll just pull away. So by agreeing with her, you atart to take the air out of those negative feelings. And also, act like your happy about things the way they are. With the status quo. No woman will leave a man that agrees with her and that she percieves as "happy".