Will want a broken shell of a woman? A woman with 3 kids and a destroyed heart? I wake up every morning and remember and I am skinned alive again. Over and over. I just can't believe he is doing this to all of us. It just doesn't make any sense. I should be committed.
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I feel exactly the same way. Like I have been skinned. Thanks for saying it so I do not feel so alone.

I know how bitter you feel. It is normal, but you will pull through this. Try not to focus on him and what he did to you. You can't control his actions, you can only control yours. So pick yourself up, girl, and start YOUR life now. Are you living in the house your ex and you shared or are you in your own place? Be sure to protect yourself and get some good legal advice. You are entitled to child support from him since you have kids. If he isn't giving you that, get a lawyer. Good luck and keep posting, it will help you heal:)<br />

Thank you. Fortunately, that is the one thing we have NO issues with. We completely agree on Child Support and Custody and Alimony. All of which I am entitled to. I am still in this house and I WANT to sell it. Have to do some things first before we can. Even if we get back together, I want this house gone.

i hear you...married 21 years 2 children now teens and on in college...i stayed home from working to be home with them and then 4 years ago he just got tired of being a husband and being an at home dad...who the hell is gonna want me at 53 I'm so angry

i would have no problem with a young lady 53 years old
as long as youunderstand i reallyhave no grown up yet

i like toys willing to learn new things and try some new things

my guess is you may be better off with out him and i am sure there is some one out there thatw ill treat you with love and respect and help youbring you your children