Is This Gettin Better Or Worse????

I Am Trying To Accept The Things

part 2
lets see if i can make this shorter ..
ok so my ex fiance.. is now getting marry with his ex that he felf for me .according to him , this women has a older son , my ex has a son from his previous marrige ,i was with this guy for almost 5 yrs, we have a 3yr daughte , on 2011 we separated, he said we need time to grow, one yr later his getting marry and have a baby with his ex no his sons mom this other lady..

i was so deeply hurt that i had a break down i was hoping he would come back to us , we had our ups and downs , i would let him see our daughter , normal human mistakes, we always had sex, that gave me hope, he only told me 3 mos ago that he was seeing someone ,,bla bla

well i was etc , now we have become really good friends, but i still love him and we still have sex, i feel horrible afterworse, i have lost my pride, i get angry @ my self for allow it to happen over and over again i have told him to stop, but he says he has feeling for me, and he loves the way i have change , and he hates me for changing now that he had this , what he calls problem,im really confused he acts like he dosent want to be with her but why is he getting marry he says he has to fix his life , he wants to stop drinking i have ,and he loves it and i love it to i only stop because realize that i do have a problem with alcohol i have 2 duis, one 6yrs ago ,
and this one after we got separed i went crazy drinking didnt date but drink alot, now i have alot of regrest, i feel like its all my fault he makes me feel like its all my fault, im a very spoken person and i tell him dont blame it all in me , but deep inside i feel like is my fault.
i decided to stop having sex with him , well his moving with her this wk so it will be hard now right, i pray fro strengh , is not right,
do i keep in touch with my stepson? is that healthy ?? and another thing i hate this lady that i dont know , and i dont want my daughter around her and wish him back but with out the baby, now why did she took him back with a baby.. im so confused and he still cheating on her with me , do i really want this
im really afraid to date, im afraid to get hurt again
here are my mayor questions
1 do i keep in touch with my ex stepson
2 do i let my baby girl be around this women
3will it get better ???
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This is one of the most complicated issues I have seen, he is leaving you
And your child to marry an x wife/ girlfriend, but he is still coming to you for sex, this man is a jerk, and you should be glad to be rid of him, he wants it all without any consequences,
Until I know this woman I would not let my child around her as she could be cruel to her, as for the stepson, it would depend on his age and whether he wants to stay connected to you.
And yes it will get better as soon as you get this lying, cheating man out of your life and rebuild your self esteem, you have been used and abused by him, and he does not deserve to be in your life, except maybe to see your daughter for supervised visits, I am sorry that you have been through all of this, but it is time for you to take back your life and have some peace and happiness.