Stuck In A Nightmare

so heres my story and for those who wish to pass judgement based on my sexuality save it please.... it was xmas day we hadnt spoken for a few days when the wife came into the living room asking what the deal was...we had huge fight...the last straw for me a few days earlier.....i told her i was done...i can no longer handle having my ring thrown at me every fight we have, i can no longer handle her knit picking and naggin over how i fold the towels or how i load the dishwasher or how i do anything in was always her way or the high way.. there was no compromising with that woman....we had no sex life what soooooo ever there comes a time in your marriage and life when you ask yourself why am i trying so hard to make it work only to get nothing in return, none of my needs are getting met at all.oh it has been a proverbial hell since we got legally married in another state but our state doesnt recognize it so we are stuck in limbo and cannot get a divorce until it becomes legal in our add insult to injury we own a home and have been stuck under the same roof as she refuses to leave and i am not leaving family and myself have invested way too much money for me to walk away....the night i broke it off and said i was done she wouldnt leave me alone, she pinned me down and wouldnt let me go ...she cried said she loved me blah blah we are almost a month later about to kill eachother living in this house together....she moved her stuff to the basment i stay up stairs....Last night was a huge fight as she insisted on having band practice till 230 am disrespectful....we got into a yelling match as she is just being ridiculous...i dont know how much longer i can tolerate her bs..and then she goes on to say last night i havent loved you in months and im going to regret this as the yes stuck in a ****** situation with a woman i once loved sooo much and had such high hopes for us and now i cannot shes being a total ***** and trying to take my house away from the temptation to smother her with a pillow is gettin pretty high.......
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Jan 16, 2013