I M Broken-Hearted

I m sitting here, it's early in the morning and its my fiftieth birthday. And my heart is broken. Since my husband who I ve known for over thirty years has gone and left my life seems shattered. It's not even been a week so I know I m still in shock but will this pain ever go? Will it get worse, can it get worse? I hope and pray that I can be strong and get through till tonight, keep up a brave face and smile for the kids. So exhausting just being alive. So, here goes the new day...
Jude3 Jude3
46-50, F
2 Responses Jan 28, 2013

Oh my I feel for you and your pain, can't tell you it will be allright as I am going through it for the second time right now, stay strong for your kids lean on them they have been my rocks, god bless you and may your days get better

Thank you :))

Jude, Happy Belated Birthday! I know it's difficult to see the bright side of things right now
so here I am to remind you of what a blessing it is that you reached your 50th birthday and it
sounds like you have kids who are also little blessings. There are blessings all around you.
Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.
I am in the same situation as you and I find my sadness comes back when I think about the past or the future, so I am just staying in the present. For today I am a strong, independent, woman and mother that is happy to have life when so many are fighting to stay alive. Tomorrow will be dealt with when it comes.

Hey, thanks just me. What you say is so true, and when I m down its good to see the words you wrote. Thanks again. Hope you are ok in these tough times too.