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Is It Ok To Have Sex During Separation?

I had to "kick" my husband out of the house because he's addicted to drugs and alcohol and he started to act violent with me and around the kids... I told him he could always come back if he went into rehab and seek help.
we've been a month separated and have started to see a therapist individually.
The therapist told me we have to be at least another month separated, plus if he admits he's addiction is a problem it will be 2 more months separated which is the rehab program in my country.
Problem is that my husband is putting up a lot of excuses and is clearly not in his right mind, he believes we're separated because, well, he says I'm a nagging wife who does not let him hang out with his friends (note: his friends are drug addicts as well)...also, 2 weeks ago he said he wanted to fix things and last week he said he wants a divorce and now he just doesn't say anything...
I am horny and i tried to have a conversation with him about what to do with our sexual lives during separation but he refused to talk to me...

I have a friend, well ... do you think it is ok to have sex with him? ....i will never do a public indiscretion because of the kids and also because i dont want to add more complications to the situation....should i do it and be discrete about it?
CinnamonCake CinnamonCake 31-35, F 1 Response Feb 6, 2013

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When I caught my husband seeking sex outside our marriage (I never caught him in the act but I found a spare phone with the numbers of 3 women on his contacts) We separated and eventually, I moved to another State. I ended up having sex with one of his buddies several times and I loved it. I knew what he wanted and I did nothing to stop it. Since then, I have had 2 additional lovers, casually. I feel free... why not then? I was lonely... even horny as you put it. The problem with your situation is I detect you are trying to work it out??? Or at the very least... in a wait and see mode??? I feel that if you aren't ready to be done with it, the marriage, your husband... then sex, even a few night stands will only complicate matters for you. The temptation is always there, believe me... I so feel what you are going through! But sex complicates our lives so much, even in the best of our personal situations. Good luck :)

yeah that's what's buggin me... cuz, im willing to work it out but like you said he has me in a "wait and see" mode.....i just wanna get it over with, either he wants this or not...i feel like he is making me wait a lot and not being open or speaking to me about it.
The other guy is no stranger, we've been friends for 18 years and have never lost contact, he always kinda had a thing for me and we have a special friendship... Ive lately been seeing him in not so very public places (so people i know wont caught me lol)..nothing has happened sexually (although i can tell he wants it)... but he's like being really sweet and nice... i know some people might say that he is taking advantage of my situation to have sex with me but he is actually telling me that if it doesn't work out with my husband he'd like me to give him a chance and date him for real.....