Is It Ok To Have Sex During Separation?

I had to "kick" my husband out of the house because he's addicted to drugs and alcohol and he started to act violent with me and around the kids... I told him he could always come back if he went into rehab and seek help.
we've been a month separated and have started to see a therapist individually.
The therapist told me we have to be at least another month separated, plus if he admits he's addiction is a problem it will be 2 more months separated which is the rehab program in my country.
Problem is that my husband is putting up a lot of excuses and is clearly not in his right mind, he believes we're separated because, well, he says I'm a nagging wife who does not let him hang out with his friends (note: his friends are drug addicts as well)...also, 2 weeks ago he said he wanted to fix things and last week he said he wants a divorce and now he just doesn't say anything...
I am horny and i tried to have a conversation with him about what to do with our sexual lives during separation but he refused to talk to me...

I have a friend, well ... do you think it is ok to have sex with him? ....i will never do a public indiscretion because of the kids and also because i dont want to add more complications to the situation....should i do it and be discrete about it?
CinnamonCake CinnamonCake
31-35, F
Feb 6, 2013