Going Through a Separation

For 3 weeks, I am in a separation from hubby.  He left when problems with my 17 yr old broke out and because he felt his kids that come to visit did not have a place in my home (he is sentimental, moody and a musician).  I was both relieved to have so much stress lifted when he left because it was a bit of anguish in my house.  A pull between his kids and my daugther and 3 yrd old grandson with my husband.  Now he realizes that he does not want to live or grow old without me and is listening to my talks. 

How we were living before I need there to be change, such as the pull among his and my kids.  The finances, he must bring in money to the household and not expect me to support us.  Since I'm usually off when his and my kids are off from school, I never have a day off without his kids in the house until the evening.  He never thinks of taking them a little earlier.  I am tired of not having days off to have a bit of relaxation and fun.

He is a bit needy as well.  He doesn't know how to cook or take care of himself.  I'm finishing a degree and just do not have sufficient time to even cook a meal.  Sometimes he is understanding but sometimes not.

I dislike that he comments or vents with his ex (where he is currently staying) about me especially since she has feelings for him. 

Now I do not know if I truly want to continue with him and his kids. 

Oh the decisions in life we must make!!

Update as of 9/4/09 I finally made my decision and I am happy with it.  Again, I am separated but this time I told hubby I no longer want to continue with him.  I was as kind as I could and put the blame on me for not thorougly thinking through what it meant to be involved with a man that has children currently of 5 and 12 years old.  There are so many things not going for us that this is the end of our married life.

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Separation is the time to make difficult decisions. All this and working on a degree...with the ages of the kids you have in the house you have taken on an incredible task. Good luck!

hi der dat must be hard but think u would be a lot happier without him u shud be enjoyin nites out with him or sittin in n gettin a dvd time for urselfs ur not his babysitter sorry if i seem hard but i think u shud make time for urself n let this mouse be a man anyways only my opion hope it works out for u

Guess that's what separations are for...