After 20 years, it has come to this. Most of it my fault. I understand the issues that I must work on. (anger, verbal abuse.) We are in counseling, both individually and as a couple. I'm fearful that she'll want to make it permanent. We've been through a lot and now the stress level has almost disappeared for her. I have anxiety that she may like it this way.
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She may not know at this point if she still loves you, so don't push it, your actions are the only thing that will convince her that you mean to change,
So if you want to keep this woman or any other down the road, you need to understand why you are verbal and angry with her, and correct those qualities, she will be watching your feet and not your words at this time,

If only she'd tell me if there is still love for me, I'd be able to deal with this. Not knowing is very hard for me. Just wish she would say it.