I have two kids. 2 weeks ago my wife told me she need sometime alone and asked to leave the house.

I am in pain

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im goin thru this same ****.....but its my bloody husband who has left for the 3rd time.............i say dont be in pain..........get %&#$&* even.........they are not worth all this time away will bring her back closer............take it easy

Maybe some time away might help and value your reationship and how much you and her miss eachother, Wish you lots luck

i am also apart with my spouse. if she suddenly leaves you without any warning, there could be a sign (without taking the kids with her) that she is seeing somebody. But I can be wrong. Pls try to keep in touch with her. Maybe once a week or once bi-weekly. Depends on how tense your relationship is. The more tense may require more space between you two. pls stay calm and be strong. Your kids need you .

It is sad that people come to this point of separation. Each has their own version what how you got to this point so without any other details it is hard to give some advice. I'm very sorry for your pain. If you need someone to talk to you feel free to email. I also asked my husband to leave but there were many things not changing and a big stress on me.