i been married with my wife for over 5 years and two buitiful kids me and my wife fight all the time ill be hounest i hit her and went to jail after that i learned my lesson it was cuz i was coming off drugs and now i been clean for over 4 years i did mess up in that but anyways in march of 2009 i got deported from the us to mexico after living there for 20 years my wife did everything she could do get me out of jail but she could not do nothing now im in mexico and my wife came to see me a couple times one morning i got on the internet and she told me she wanted to get seprated from me i told her why and she just said she love me but a diffrent kind of love and now shes moving further away from me  she been a good wife though out our marrage and a wonderful mom so now im stressing about being here in mexico cuz i dont know nothing about it im only 24 years old and stressing also about my kids that i love very much that i havent seen them in over one year i see them every night though webcam but i wish i could hold them so now i been here for one year after she told me that im never hungry i lost 30 pounds i dont  sleep i just sit in my room and somtimes cry hopeing i get a phone call from my wife hopeing she would want to come back with me i begged but i just think im making it worse for me i thought about going back to drugs and just ending my life like that but them two kids are keeping me alive her best friend is my friend i love her too but as a friend and she is going though the same thing i tell her is not worth it to much suffering and more if you are in mexico without your family i still love my wife but if this makes her happy then im happy but i wish i could save our relationship but i think its to late if your reading this katrina i just want you to know that i still love you i just want to hold you one last time im sorry this had to happen xoxoxo

lostmyfam lostmyfam
22-25, M
Feb 12, 2010