Seperated And Depressed

Me and my husband were together for 15 years before I decided to leave the relationship.  The reason I left was because my husband was cheating with many other woman, lying to me about being at work and he was with him spending time and even birthdays and holidays, giving them time he wasn't giving me or our kids.  Also, the fact that he had physically abused me and our kids witnessed it and they were scared of him and for me.  So, I made the decision to try and give my kids a stress free environment and life and moved out.  It has been almost 2 years since our seperation and I still miss him and want to save our marriage.  But, since we have been seperated, my husband barely shows interested in the kids, keeps telling me he loves me and wants our family back, but, is still messing with other woman, and had even moved in partially with one, and had one in our home that we still own together.  I don't know what I am suppose to do.  I still love my husband with all my heart and I want him back, but, I don't want to put myself or my kids through going back and trying to be a happy family and it fails again and my kid's start having the same stressful issues they suffered before.  I just cry myself to sleep mostly every night because I do not know what to do.....

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Thank you for your comment and for being blunt. I know he has changed and the bad thing about it his own sister keeps telling me to not be a fool for him, because he is not going to change and as a woman I need to stand up and do what is needed for my kids and for myself. But, as usual again I love him and I really don't know if I can live a productive live without him in it. When we first got married he was not the way he is know. I helped him become the man that he is today. I helped him find and get hired for the high paying professional job he has, I thought I was his everything, but, now I am realizing that no matter how good I was to him or what I did to make him happy, he still wanted to run the street and be a ladies man and not a family man!!!

I've been in a similar situation like you for a long long time because I chose to keep the family together and not a divorce. Trust me it is very painful up to this date. He has changed and he doesn't love you anymore. Leave.