Just Separated And It's My Fault!

I have just separated 2 days a go. My wife has decided to leave while I was at work.
She has a long history of depression and has tried to commit suicide. In our case, i feel i have to bear a lot of the responsibility. I have come to the conclusion that I have never forgiven her for the suicide attempt and lost all trust in her.

To make matters worst, we have recently found that she had been missed diagnosed for her depression was given the wrong treatment. She has suffered greatly over the past 3 years and so have i. With all this, other medical issues arose and we brushed off to being side effects of some of the meds she was prescribed.

This last year was extremely hard on both of us. We had to declare bankruptcy since she had no income for 2 years and was not getting covered by insurance due to the suicide attempt. We finally did get her a small disability pension but was to late to prevent the bankruptcy.

To make matters worst, I became very angry, distant, selfish and disrespectful to my struggling wife. I have a hi stress job and the added pressure imposed on me from her condition made me retreat. I am not proud of this and feel i have let my wife down.

I will be getting counselling to deal with my issues and hope it is not a lost cause for us!

Thank you for reading,
Heafty Heafty
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

don't leave her alone at this stage of life. Both of you needs each others support in this stage. Call her if possible , if you think you can take a chance again.Go and take her home.